Dr. Phil actually. Get it right. ;) Penny and I are together a lot huh? Still surprises me that she wants to be with me over all the other guys she could have. Parker and you are still friends which means you can talk and stuff. Irina is great. Believe me.

Shut it. :P Yeah you are, but it’s cool. It’s nice to see you happy and not moping over the girl. Guess we’ve traded places in that whole deal. Yeah, Irina sounds perfect, I just don’t want to intrude and make things weird.

Don't say that. Put yourself out there and you'll make friends. You know Penny. And Parker.

Put myself out there? You sound like Oprah or something. xD Yeah, yeah. I know Penny but she’s with you 99.9% of the time and Parker… well… don’t think it’s appropriate to hang out with a married man.

Good. Because I don't really have a lot of friends and stuff.

I think you have way more than I do. I have… well, you.

Hey, cheer up. We do need to hang soon, okay?

I’m fine, I’m cheerful. I’m a friggen fount of cheer! xP Yes, yes, we will. Promise.

Hey, Tay. Hope things are good. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. We'll hang soon.

Hey Brad. Things are fine, nothing too exciting happening. It’s cool, you have a girlfriend, don’t need to worry about your forever alone sister.

Prom last year with Parker.

Prom last year with Parker.

The one that got away - Katy Perry